TikTok should soon offer a viewing history

TikTok would test a section dedicated to the history of video views, a good idea that will certainly have to be refined.

On applications like YouTube, there is a feature that is at least basic but very useful from time to time, namely the viewing history, which makes it easy to view the videos you have recently seen. Convenient to find, if necessary, a particular video. Today, if a tweet from Hammod Oh is to be believed, it appears that the TikTok platform is currently testing a similar feature in its app. Users should therefore soon be able to easily find the videos they have already seen.

TikTok would test a section dedicated to the history of video views

However, keep in mind that this possibility is not really new. Indeed, TikTok has visual indicators letting you know if you have already seen this or that video. Users can also exclude previously viewed videos from the Discover tab, but this is not exactly intuitive, especially for new users who are not necessarily familiar with the application.

A good idea that will certainly need to be refined

By creating a dedicated section that lists the videos that we have already seen, it makes it easier and faster to find specific content. That being said, one can still wonder about the practical side of the thing. Indeed, unlike YouTube videos which are longer, TikTok content is designed to be watched intensively, so to speak. Thus, in half an hour on the application, we can easily have watched 20 to 30 videos. And over a week, it should be very difficult to find a particular video in this way.

Anyway, it’s in any case a good thing to see this feature coming. There is no doubt that it will be enriched in the future, if it is requested by users. At the moment, it is only in the testing phase. Impossible to know if the platform already plans to offer it to all users and even less when. Patience, patience.