Asus Zenfone 9 review

Asus has continued to streamline its zenfone lineup there’s no zenfone flip this year just one device the zenfone 9 it feels nice not to have to keep track of a dozen different variants like you do with some other manufacturers compact phones are kind of rare these days the trend is toward larger devices […]

Samsung Galaxy s22 ultra Promo code & Coupon Code

The latest Samsung Galaxy s22 ultra Promo codes, Samsung Galaxy s22 ultra coupons Today. You can get your new Samsung Galaxy s22 ultra with 21% off. [wpcd_coupon id=9441] Galaxy S22 Ultra, the ultimate smartphone that combines the best of Galaxy experiences, both the camera and the S Pen in one device. Meet every lifestyle of use today. Take […]

The Meta Messenger application offers new shortcuts

The Meta Messenger app is updated and welcomes new shortcuts. Mobile applications, like any software or web service, are constantly evolving. For various reasons. The most interesting from the user’s point of view is probably the addition of new features. This is particularly important for social services, as it is a powerful driver for retaining […]

Apple will no longer repair lost or stolen iPhones

Apple now refuses to repair an iPhone declared lost or stolen, in an attempt to make theft less attractive. Since iPhones only depreciate very slowly, in other words they retain their value for a very long time on the second-hand market, it is not surprising that smartphones from the Apple brand are prime targets. for […]

Why You Should Upgrade to the New Substack App

Substack, a very ingenious newsletter app with a fair remuneration model. Substack is a newsletter service that allows you to follow individual authors and get their articles delivered straight to your inbox. Its business model revolves around a subscription that allows authors to be paid directly from their subscribers (and Substack takes a commission). It’s […]