Why You Should Upgrade to the New Substack App

Substack, a very ingenious newsletter app with a fair remuneration model.

Substack is a newsletter service that allows you to follow individual authors and get their articles delivered straight to your inbox. Its business model revolves around a subscription that allows authors to be paid directly from their subscribers (and Substack takes a commission). It’s a great way to centralize all your favorite authors in one place, but if you follow multiple people on Substack, you’ve probably already found yourself somewhat overwhelmed with email notifications notifying you of new articles. It may be… too much. Now you can put it all in one app and get rid of all those notifications.

Substack, a very ingenious app for newsletters

The Substack Reader app (available for iPhone) offers a better reading experience and a hub to follow your favorite authors – without the notifications. When setting up the free app, simply enable “Pause email notifications”. If you didn’t do it during setup, and want to do it later, tap the profile icon in the top right corner of the app, then select Notifications. The “Pause email notifications” option is available in this section). If you decide to stop using the app, Substack will resume sending emails, so you don’t miss any new posts.

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With a fair remuneration model

Additionally, when you register on the Substack app, you will be asked to create a profile and you will see a list of newsletters associated with your email address. These newsletters will be publicly displayed on your profile; disable this behavior during setup (or later) by tapping the profile icon then Edit profile.

You can also find a Discover tab in Substack (the icon with the magnifying glass), which highlights a number of articles. It is also possible to link your Twitter account with Substack to receive articles specially selected for you, from the playlists of people you follow on the platform. (Remember, though, that linking your Twitter account to Substack is not without risk to your privacy.)

Finally, it should be noted that the Substack application does not allow you to pay for newsletters using Apple’s payment system, this requires going to the Substack site and linking your credit card to pay for them authors.

Last precision, at the moment, the Substack app is only available on the iPhone. If you are interested in seeing it arrive on Android, you can join the waiting list.