The new Apple iPad Pro expected this fall?

A new iPad Pro for the fall? With an M2 chip? This is what journalist Mark Gurman believes he knows.

The last time Apple updated its iPad Pro was last year and the Cupertino company took the opportunity to integrate an Apple Silicon M1 chip. Those who were expecting a new model this year will certainly be delighted to learn that, according to Bloomberg journalist Mack Gurman, in his latest Power On newsletter, the apple brand could indeed launch a new generation this year. , in the fall, more precisely.

A new iPad Pro for the fall? With an M2 chip?

Unlike the previous model, whose main improvement was therefore the introduction of the M1 chip, this year’s version could be a little more “exciting”. This simply because the tablet would have the M2 chip that has been talked about so much for a few months. In addition, Apple could take the opportunity to introduce charging via MagSafe, which would considerably expand the range of possibilities in terms of accessories and connectivity typically associated with MagSafe and the iPad.

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This is what journalist Mark Gurman believes he knows.

We could thus quickly see the arrival of new feet which will magnetically accommodate the iPad or a car mounting system which would allow the driver to have a large screen on his dashboard, as in the Tesla. In addition to the possible support for MagSafe, it is difficult to know if the Cupertino company intends to change the design of its tablet. It’s been a few years now since the Apple brand changed the design of its iPad Pro, some would say it’s high time. Unfortunately, at this stage, it is impossible to know whether it will be for this year or not.

And we still don’t know anything, or almost nothing, about this M2 chip that is so much talked about. Apple did not announce anything on this point during its press event at the beginning of the month as some expected. We will certainly have to wait for WWDC 2022 to get a first glimpse of it. To be continued !