It will soon be possible to exit the Android Beta program without erasing your entire phone

Google simplifies the release of the Android Beta Program, smartphone data will no longer be erased.

One of the reasons why it is recommended not to take part in the Google Android Beta program on your everyday smartphone is, quite logically, because, as the name suggests, you then end up on your phone with a version of Android that may contain a number of bugs and other issues that may affect your experience and daily use of your device.

Google simplifies the release of the Android Beta Program

Another reason, and not the least, finally, when you finally decide to leave the Beta program, you have to erase your device completely. In fact, if you participated in the program with your main smartphone, this can be problematic, especially if you have not saved all your files…

That being said, there is good news on this point. Indeed, according to a press release from the Mountain View company, now, when devices that have installed a beta version finally receive the official stable version, they can exit the beta program without having all their data erased.

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Smartphone data will no longer be erased

However, unfortunately, it seems that this feature is only offered on a temporary basis. In other words, once the stable version is released to the general public, users of the Beta program will have one and only one possibility to exit beta easily. It’s better than nothing, after all, and could be very convenient for those who no longer want to take part in the beta.

The stable version of QPR3 should be available during the month of June. If you participate in the beta and want to get out of it, head to the Android site and make this decision once the public version is deployed.