The Apple iPhone 14 could have a 48 MP main sensor

A 48 MP sensor in the iPhone 14? That’s what Ming-Chi Kuo thinks he knows.

With each new generation of electronic device, whatever it is, its share of improvements and novelties. This is particularly for Apple and its iPhones, which makes it a point of honor to always do better, in all areas of the smartphone. For the iPhone 14, we could see a clear improvement in the main sensor.

A 48 MP sensor in the iPhone 14?

Regarding the photo / video sensors of the iPhone, the Cupertino company has never taken the option of excess, so to speak, when we know that the competition sometimes embeds sensors offering up to at 108MP. If you look at the technical specifications of the iPhone 13 Pro Max, for example, which is currently the best from the Apple brand, you will see that it only has a sensor of 12 PM.

That’s what Ming-Chi Kuo thinks he knows

That being said, according to a tweet from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple could decide to significantly improve the thing with its iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models, to offer a 48 MP sensor. As a result of the operation, it would logically be expected that the growth on the back of the device would be a little larger.

In any case, this would represent a nice progression compared to the 12 MP of the iPhone 13, although one can logically wonder about the real gain in terms of image quality. To be honest, taking high resolution shots is more of an option for professionals who print their photos often and can’t afford to lose too much detail.

Since social media platforms compress photos and we mostly view them on small screens, it’s hard to see the benefits of a 108MP sensor by eye. Still, for the time being, we are still several months away from the official announcement of this iPhone 14, so we will take this information with a grain of salt, even if it comes from the always very well informed Ming-Chi Kuo.