iCloud Mail for the Web gets a Makeover

iCloud Mail for the web will soon get a whole new design. The version is currently in testing with some handpicked users.

iCloud Mail for the web gets a makeover

Web services and applications are software like any other. These receive their share of updates, for new features, fixes (bugs or security) and design changes. Today, iCloud Mail for the web is about to get a makeover. The changes should be significant.

iCloud Mail for the web is getting a makeover

Mail client services like Gmail and Yahoo are very popular and have a long history of having their own web interface. That being said, if you use iCloud Mail, maybe you’ve already thought that the interface could be improved, or at least modernized. Good news today. According to several sources, it appears that Apple has started testing a brand new interface for iCloud Mail for the web.

A completely redesigned interface, clearer and more modern

If for some reason you need to access iCloud Mail through its web interface, the screenshot above will give you a pretty close indication of what this new version should look like. The whole thing looks much clearer – in both senses of the word – than the current version. Some will find it similar to the interface of the latest version of the Mail app for macOS and iPadOS.

Apple has never really cared about iCloud Mail for the web, at least not for several years. It’s good to see the Cupertino company paying it some attention. Perhaps the apple brand also hopes with this new, more modern interface to attract more users, and not just those who already use Apple products and can access their emails through the Mail app.

The web interface still has a long way to go before it can catch up with those of services like Gmail or Yahoo, but this update is very welcome. At this time, the new version is not available to all users, it is still in testing. It should be rolled out on a large scale in the coming weeks / months along with the updates for iPadOS and macOS.