The Meta Messenger application offers new shortcuts

The Meta Messenger app is updated and welcomes new shortcuts.

Mobile applications, like any software or web service, are constantly evolving. For various reasons. The most interesting from the user’s point of view is probably the addition of new features. This is particularly important for social services, as it is a powerful driver for retaining the user base and attracting new ones. Today, the Meta Messenger app is being updated.

Meta Messenger app updates

If you are used to communicating with your relatives and friends through Facebook, then chances are you are using Messenger, Facebook’s instant messaging platform that connects Facebook users with each other. Today, in an official press release from Meta, the parent company of Facebook, we learn that new shortcuts are appearing in the application.

According to the company’s announcement, these shortcuts simplify the use of certain features for users. For example, there is now an “@everyone” tag that alerts all participants in the same discussion group. Until now, it was only possible to use the “@” for a specific person. With the introduction of “@everyone”, it will be easier to notify all participants at once, as we do today on an application like Discord or Slack.

Welcomes new shortcuts

There are also new shortcuts like “/silent” which allow you to send a message without triggering a notification, perfect if you know the person the message is for is busy and you don’t want to disturb them, but you still want to send your message. There are also shortcuts for sending money via Messenger and, in the more or less near future, others will still appear, such as a “/gif” to facilitate the search for GIFs in discussions.

Some of these shortcuts seem to be exclusive to iOS, for the moment, but it’s a safe bet that they will be available on Android too in the future. To be continued !