A periscope lens in the Apple iPhone 15?

The iPhone 15 could carry a periscope lens, to offer a real optical zoom.

A few years ago, we saw many smartphone manufacturers, like Huawei, launch devices equipped with cameras with very, very powerful zooms. A good example would be Samsung, which offered phones with a 100x zoom that used artificial intelligence to capture images at very long distances without the end result being blurry, which is often the case when using zoom digital. Apple would also like to be able to go further in terms of zoom, but not necessarily digital.

The iPhone 15 could carry a periscope lens

The Apple iPhone also has a zoom, but it is not nearly as powerful. However, this could change with the iPhone 15. Indeed, if we are to believe the analyst Jeff Pu of Haitong International Securities in a note that 9to5Mac was able to obtain, the latter believes that the Cupertino company would have taken the decision to integrate a periscope lens into its iPhone 15.

To offer a true optical zoom

This periscope lens would allow the iPhone to have 5x optical zoom, which would allow users to zoom in on distant objects and get sharp images. Optical is generally preferred to digital because the optical zoom ultimately only crops the image, which inevitably leads to a loss of sharpness and certain details. With such a periscope lens, Apple could therefore create a 5x optical zoom without over-weighting the camera module of the device.

That being said, since the iPhone 15 will not be launched for another year and a half, it is impossible to know if this information is true. For the time being, we will only take it as a simple rumor. And until then, be patient. But who knows, maybe we will be able, with the iPhone 15, to enjoy a real good optical zoom. And that would be a very good thing!